Thermomix Menu Plans - 28th May

Hi everyone, just a quick menu plan this week as I'm running awfully late... plus a few photos of what I've been making the past week in case you missed any of these on my Facebook page or Instagram or Twitter!

Do you like pancakes for breakfast? We do, and we have them at least once a week. Sometimes I make them with almonds and quinoa, sometimes with buckwheat and spelt or almonds, sometimes with brown rice and almonds... but just about any grains or seeds and nuts will work, using this recipe. It's very versatile, besides being dairy free, and even egg free if you like. You can also leave out the nuts and use rice milk instead of the water for a nut free version. These photos were from yesterday's breakfast - they were made from 250g of brown rice and 50g of almonds, plus the water, vinegar, macadamia oil, vanilla, salt, baking powder and baking soda. No egg. If you forget to soak the grains and nuts overnight, these will still work - just increase the blending time (of the batter) to one and a half minutes instead of thirty seconds. I cook them in a little organic cold pressed coconut oil to make them golden, and crispy around the edges.

Brown rice pancakes are amazingly light, even without the egg.
The blueberry syrup is made by heating up some frozen, organic blueberries in a pan with some pure maple syrup until it just starts to bubble. So good.

Here's another favourite from this week - my friend Emma and I had a bit of a cooking afternoon on Saturday, and we came up with this vegetarian black bean chilli. It was delicious! It has a few secret ingredients, which you will already know about if you saw our chatter about it on Facebook... but if you missed it, don't worry, I'll be sharing the recipe this week. Keep an eye out for it - it's the perfect dish for this cool weather we're having at the moment!

We also had a bit of fun experimenting with raw cacao licor (also known as cocoa mass) - here's the chocolate we came up with. It's made with cacao licor chopped and melted at 37C, with rapadura, raw honey, vanilla bean paste, and coconut cream added in. Suitable only for hardcore chocoholics - it's rich!!! We have no idea what amounts we used of anything for this - we just kept adding stuff 'til it looked and tasted right... but I'm sure we'll figure out a recipe sometime. :)

I've also been making an egg free, gluten free bread from quinoa, buckwheat and chia seeds - the recipe makes two loaves at a time, and it's got a lovely texture - not crumbly at all. Hoping to get this one posted this week too...

And if you haven't seen the recipe for my Chicken & Fresh Turmeric Soup, check it out - another great one to help chase away the winter blues! (Plus there's links to lots of other soups you might like to try.)

So this week is another busy one, with demos here, there and everywhere, plus school and meetings and cooking and blogging - no time to be bored, that's for sure. Here's my menu plan - it's pretty basic, but I'll fill in the gaps as I go, as time allows and inspiration strikes! ;) Share your inspirations for this week's menu by linking to your blog or public facebook page; or by adding your menu plan in the comments below. I'd love to see what's on the menu at your house too!

[tmx = prepared and/or cooked in the Thermomix]

Egg, turkey and vegetable stir fry (kind of a scrambled egg 'hash' which I often make when I'm in a big hurry!)

Vegetarian black bean chilli (tmx, crockpot & oven), leafy green salad, and cornbread (tmx) (recipes coming)

Sesame salmon & veges with creamy tikka sauce on quinoa (tmx - all cooked at once ) with snow pea shoots

Sausage strata with leafy green salad (tmx & oven) (not actually made with sausages, but turkey mince, and thinly sliced zucchini)

Whole chicken & veges cooked in crockpot (out all day demonstrating the Thermomix!)

Grilled fish with almonds, baked sweet potatoes and salad; chocolate self-saucing pudding (tmx) for dessert

Lamb roast, baked veges, gravy (tmx); Quinoa, buckwheat & chia seed bread (tmx)